Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Board - Part 2

The single boards were cut by a mate who is a woodwork teacher. A little off being square, but im not complaining as he did it for a can of coke (cheap :-D). The base boards are made from 6mm MDF because it is strong, lightweight and will stand up to student enthusiasm. I have identified a few rooms I really wanted to include and will focus on these first;

  • A helipad and exterior tile will allow a starting and/or exit board for the players to work with. 
  • A vehicle hanger/ garage for a large relatively open space. 
  • A command and control room with monitors along the walls. 
  • A few barracks/ sleeping spaces with toilets and officer's quarters. 
  • A cafeteria for a large relatively open space.
  • The obligatory surgery room and science lab, filled with cadavers and tubes with aliens/ face-huggers.
  • A massive power chamber or large open space with gantries for multi-level combat.
  • Some storage rooms or smaller rooms with machines in them.
  • An armoury for the base defenders to stash weapons and allow players to arm civilians in-game.
I penciled in the layout of the rooms to show me where movable places were and how they would fit into the overall layout in the larger game. 

Much of the interior obstacles(tables, barrels etc.) will need to be mounted on separate bases to enable me to change interior layouts from game to game. 

I have decided that the obstacles will need to be in three sorts. Category 1: Does not impede movement, or line of sight. Category 2: Does not impede movement but blocks line of site. Category 3: Blocks movement and line of sight.

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