Wednesday, 17 September 2014

15mm Aliens board Part 3

Corridor and corner intersection boards with marines
 After the boards were marked out, lengths of 18mm x 18mm pine were cut out and glued along the sides for the air-ducts. This allows a small gap along the edges for a vertical 'wall' board to be placed without intruding on other 'spaces'. Door spaces are left blank so that doors can be slotted in later.

Barracks board - note the beds and lockers marked out

When the boards are joined together the raised sections will act as the 'air ducts'. Movement along these sections will be reduced for Humans and Predators but not for Aliens.

Garage board with APC and marine

Some rooms are going to be large open spaces which will allow for ranged weapons to be more effective. Here the marine APC can be driven through providing fire support.

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