Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Who we are

 The Comet Bay Wargames Club was created to allow students involved in the hobby to meet and play games. The club encourages students to actively participate in a wide range of wargames and campaigns and provides opportunities to not only play wargames, but also lear painting techniques and create scale model terrain.
    The CBCWC is open to all Comet Bay students from years 8-12 and is based around the three principles of RespectGamesmanshipand Innovation. Students are expected to act with courtesy and respect while in the club towards all players. Students are expected to play fairly and with good gamesmanship at all times, arguements are to be resolved in a gentlemanly manner and tempers are to be controlled. Students are encouraged to express their opinions, skills and ideas about the hobby while in the club. These three principles allow a safe and encouraging environment to practice their hobby.

  Zombie Apocalypse Game - Figures and Terrain courtesy of Mr Elson  

    So far the students have participated in games spanning several genres and include both fantasy and historical gaming. To date the games participated in have included;
    • Warhammer 40k
    • Warhammer
    • Viking Raids
    • Bar Room Brawling
    • Pirates
    • Zombie Apocalypse
    • Giant Ant invasion (aka THEM!)
    • Aliens vs Humans vs King Kong
    • Modern African Civil War
    The CBCWC runs every Wednesday afternoon (3pm-5pm) during the school term at the college. This is a college-run club and as such there is no entry fee. Students are encouraged to bring along thier own paints and models, although some paints and models are provided. For more details and information contact Mr Elson (S&E teacher) at joseph.elson@education.wa.edu.au or ring the school on 9553 8100.