Sunday, 6 July 2014

15 mm ALIENS game

15mm Aliens Game

I was inspired by the Aliens movie lately to start a group game based on the events which unfolded in the second movie. As the club has about 10-12 members, it would have to be a simple, fast play game which could be run a a few hours. We play 15 mm since we do not have the storage room for 28mm. After about a week's worth of thought I decided I would need to get/ do the following:

  1. Marine, Aliens and Predator (why not?) figures in 15 mm. Khurasan does fantastic figures and the bulk would be purchased through them. I also decided to get some civilians, the power-loader, deployable gun turrets and that cool APC to finish the collection. I decided against getting the facehuggers from Khurasan and will get them from Ground Zero Games instead as they look like proper facehuggers. There are several other models that would be great including a WALL-E type robot,but that is not vital at the moment.
  2. Create a board that provides not only enough scope for an interesting game, but also provides options for a modified layout. Taking a leaf from Spacehulk I decided to make the board in smaller interlocking sections. To make it more sturdy (and because i'm not made of money) I decided to make it out of MDF instead of buying some of the outstanding kits which are available. This will take a bit longer but the experience will be worth it for the club members. After a bit of searching I have found several people who have made similar projects so I will be borrowing hints and tips from them.
  3. A set of rules which is quick, easy to play and understand, can be picked up quickly by teenagers and is playable by up to 15 people simultaneously. 

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